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Dell« C2660/C2665 Toner Black (High Capacity) Replacement Chip
Dell« C2660/C2665 Toner Black (High Capacity) Replacement Chip
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Toshiba« e-Studio 2040C/2540C/3040C/ 3540C/4540C Toner Cyan Replacement Chip US$3.99
SKU #: 14468
Alternative #: PSZTFC25AC, T-FC25-AC, TFC25AC
For use with: Toshiba« e-Studio 2040C/2540C/3040C/3540C/4540C Cyan Toner
RS Type chip: RS-97
Average yield: 26,800 pages per cycle at 5% area coverage
RS Replacement Chip: Always resettable
OEM chip resettable: Yes
Listed below are all sets of possible combinations between Resetting Devices and Extension Modules that can handle the RS-97 Type Chip. It is required to have all items of at least one of the following sets:
  • RSD-U Resetting Device + Extension Module EM-197

This is the latest technology RS Replacement Chip that can be reset anytime for unlimited additional cycles by means of a CDF Reset (Custom Dump File) using the Resetting Device and the Extension Module that handle this RS Type chip.

  • Tired of buying tons of expensive and/or one-time usable chips?
  • Want to outperform your competition by lowering your cost, increase your profit margins, and keep your customers happy and coming back?
  • Want to save on shipping costs, import cost, delivery time and serve your customers efficiently, profitably and instantly?
  • Want to change the OEM number of a given RS Type chip to another one and reduce a slow moving inventory?

If your answer is YES to any of the above questions then it is definitely a time for you to start a Smart Resetting. We strongly recommend using our ubiquitous technology that is second to none in this business to reset instantly not only all of ours RS Replacement Chips but also the OEM chips and 3rd Party chips where technology permits instead of buying replacement chips every time. With its affordably low start-up costs this is an investment in the most Advanced, Dependable and Reliable chip resetting technology ever. Never lose time and money again buying and waiting for new replacement chips. Just order online and download additional CDF files whenever you want to reset your chips.

Do Not wait anymore but start using the Most Sophisticated, the Fastest and the Least Expensive Resetting Service for remanufacturers around the world before your competition takes all your clients away!

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